Dream perspective: COVID-19, church, and the Media Mountain

Can any good come out of this COVID-19 pandemic? This dream reveals an opportunity for us to reflect and potentially do things differently in the future.

Searching for answers

When COVID-19 arrived I was searching for answers. I was also praying and listening carefully to see what God was saying. I had this particular dream fairly early on in lockdown. I believe it was for me personally, but that it may be relevant to many of you too.

The message is particularly pertinent to those in the church.  However I hope that everyone who reads this will be inspired to consider how to let this situation be a springboard rather than a setback. As Boris Johnson recently said in his speech to school leavers:

“We have an incredible opportunity to do things differently, to build back better, not just for the next few months but for years and decades to come.”

Boris Johnson

The Dream

Eric Delve is turned upside down.  16th April 2020

Myself and some others were by a mountain at night. There was some water which all drained away, just like it does before a tsunami, and so we knew something was coming. We climbed up the mountainside as high as we could get.  Instead of water a thick black liquid started rising up, so we went a little higher up to get above it.

After it had subsided we went back down. We found Eric Delve (a retired vicar and former evangelist) who had been protected in a glass box, but had been turned upside down. We helped him out.  I found someone from his old church but they said they wouldn’t take him back.

The Interpretation

This dream is giving insight into how the coronavirus situation can be used as a time of preparation for a move of God which is coming: It will cause me and other people in the church to climb higher up the media mountain. The way we reach out to people will change, and even after this time is over we will be able to use our new-found skills to connect with people in a more effective way.

The Media Mountain

Those of you who are familiar with the symbolic language of dreams will be aware that mountains are usually representative of a sphere of influence or government. In the church we sometimes talk about the ‘seven mountains of ministry’. Although not specifically referenced in this dream, I believe that the mountain was referring to the media mountain. This was an area God was speaking to me about continuously at that time.

Google Dictionary describes media as, “The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet).” Before COVID-19 happened I was terrified of joining live chats or webinars, and shy regarding writing and sharing on social media. As I reflect on how I have moved to a ‘higher’ position, here are a few examples of new things I have done as a result of lockdown restrictions:

  • Hosted church services and meetings on Zoom.
  • Joined live meetings such as international Q&A sessions and prayer meetings hosted by other people over the internet.
  • Made teaching and worship videos for sharing live
  • Started a blog

These are just a few examples. I am sure you can think of some of your own too, in media or in other areas of influence.

Eric Delve and evangelism

For those who don’t know him, Eric Delve is now retired, but was was well known in UK as an evangelist. He also became a vicar in the Church of England, and I benefited greatly from his ministry. In the dream we found him upside down, which says to me that the way we do evangelism is going to be turned upside down by the virus.

EVANGELISM: the commitment to or act of publicly preaching(ministry) of the Gospel with the intention to share the message and teachings of Jesus Christ.


During this time I have observed some excellent new creative ideas in the way media is being used to connect with people outside the church:

  • Our local church prepared Sunday talks, prayer and worship on YouTube which were shared with the local community, enabling those who can’t normally attend church to participate.
  • Live dream interpretation was done with teams brought together from different geographical areas over Zoom
  • Many churches used Zoom for their Sunday services. So many took to the internet one Sunday that the Zoom app suffered outage. The Independent reported that it promoted one Twitter user to joke: “Looks like the church broke the internet.”’
  • ‘The UK blessing’ song reached nearly a million people within the first 24 hours of release and was awarded a Daily Point of Light Award by the prime minister’s office. In a personal letter to the co-ordinator, Tim Hughes, the Prime Minister said, “At a time when our churches are closed, I am filled with admiration to hear how you have used the power of music to bring together Christians of all denominations from across our United Kingdom.”

The wave – is this a move?

We all know that if we are by the sea and the water goes out, we should run in the opposite direction because a tsunami is coming! In my dream this was the scenario. In symbolic language, a wave indicates a move of the Holy Spirit. So in this dream, there is the implication that a huge move of God is on the horizon, however before it comes, we see this black liquid rising instead.

I believe that the coronavirus is a move of the enemy which is preceding and attempting to hinder the move of God which is coming.  However as always, what the enemy intends for harm, God intends to use for good!

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:20 (NIV)

My feeling is that God is using this situation to prepare us for a move of His Spirit which is coming. I think that the worldwide impact of the coronavirus virus could be a sign which points us towards the massive scale of this potential wave.


The fact that I am sitting here writing today is proof that I have moved higher up the media mountain in preparation for the future. I have stepped outside my comfort zone. I have created this website and started a blog!

I will leave you with a couple of questions to ponder:

  • How is God using this season to prepare you for your purpose and destiny?
  • What will you do differently in the future as a result of this time?

Further Interest

Doug Addison wrote an interesting prophetic word in April which included insight into the spiritual impact of the church taking to the internet: “Prophetic Word: Major victory on Easter.”

An excellent article on church and the internet by Carey Nieuwhof : The Original 2020 is History. 7 NEW Disruptive Church Trends Every Church Leader Should Watch – CareyNieuwhof.com

And finally, I love this song!

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