Taking inspiration from the bible to explore the meaning in our night dreams

Are you looking for a biblical perspective on dream interpretation?

If so, then you are in the right place!

Read on… and make sure to try out some of the articles!

You will discover a wealth of useful tools, plus lots of bible-based tips and real dream examples!


I have created this post to bring together all of my articles about dreams and the bible into one place.

These posts were originally a Facebook series. Join the Facebook Group for regular nuggets to help you with dream interpretation.

What does the bible have to do with dreams?

I have read the bible, for personal devotions, most days during the past 40 years of my life. I have also had the privilege of studying the entire bible in a year, gaining a certificate in biblical studies.

After many years of recording and studying my dreams, I have realised that many of the tools I use to help me interpret the bible also apply to the dream interpretation process.

I have been writing some blog posts with this theme, which I have called the ‘Biblical Tools Series’.

I am really excited about this series, because it brings together two of my great passions – DREAMS and the BIBLE!

Follow the links below to read more…

Biblical tools series: Quick overview

If you’re looking for a brief introduction, then this is the place to start. Each of the biblical tools is covered, and you will find links to the main articles that catch your interest.

Biblical tools series

If you follow this whole series through from the beginning, it will give you a great foundation for understanding dreams.

Further resources

Wondering where else to go for good bible-based advice on dreams? Check out my links page where I recommend lots of other books, courses and resources that I have found to be helpful.

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