Inspiring reasons to pay attention to your night dreams

Are you intrigued about your night dreams, and wondering whether they could mean anything?

If so, then read on!

This collection of articles and stories gives some great examples to inspire you, and suggests some good reasons to check them out!


Do my dreams mean anything?

I have been learning to interpret dreams for some time now, but I haven’t always taken them seriously. In fact, for many years it didn’t even occur to me that they could mean anything!

For me, the turning point came when I realised that God might be speaking to me through dreams, which motivated me to set me off on this quest for understanding. Since then I have learnt how to process my own dreams with God and develop a conversation with Him though them.

Now I love interpreting dreams, particularly when the ‘lights go on’, and someone understands the message that a dream contains.

Dreams have helped me make good choices in my life journey. Maybe they could help you too!

You can’t beat real examples

The best way to investigate this subject is by seeing actual dreams explained. Therefore, in these articles, I share my journey, and give real examples.

My aim is to inspire you to check out for yourself whether there is any meaning in your dreams, and along the way I share principles that I hope will help you to do this. Why not give it a try and see what you discover?

I have been writing some blog posts with this theme, called the ‘10 Reasons’ series. I have created this post to bring together all of these articles, plus examples from ‘My story‘, into one place.

The 10 reasons were originally a number of individual posts on Facebook. To see the original series, visit my Facebook Group – a place where we share tips about interpreting dreams, and also discuss our own dreams.


Picture of lady with magnifying glass

Put to the test: Are my dreams from God?

Are dreams the result of my mind processing the day, or a side effect from eating too much cheese? Or do they actually contain useful communications from God Himself? One day I decided to put dreams to the test.

10 Reasons Series

Dream interpretation is fun

Wondering if it’s worth the effort of interpreting your dreams? Or are you feeling bogged down with it all? Dream interpretation should be fun! Find out why…

Dreams feel like touching Heaven

Are dreams more than they first appear? Could they be a window into the spiritual realm? This article explores the idea from biblical and personal perspectives.

Meeting God in your dreams

Do you wish you could just meet God and have a straight conversation face-to-face? Well maybe you already have and just don’t know it – find out how!

Further resources

Wondering where else to go for good advice on dreams? Check out my links page where I recommend lots of other books, courses and resources that I have found to be helpful.

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