Dream perspective: Mars, perseverance, and the colour orange

Did you enjoy watching the coverage of the Mars rover landing in February, with the lovely photos and video footage? It was a wonderful moment – some positive news in the midst of everything else that’s going on.

But could there be a deeper message to encourage us? Here I share some brief thoughts, as I have reflected on this event from a Christian perspective.

The colour orange

This post follows on from a previous article:

Last November I wrote an article about the colour orange, which I originally entitled A time for perseverance: meaning of the colour orange in dreams. If you missed it, you can catch up here:

Dream: Mars looking orange

In the article I shared a dream that a friend of mine had about Mars last autumn. She dreamed that she was looking up at the night sky, and her attention was being drawn to the colour of the planet, which appeared orange.

After that I would make a point of looking for Mars on my evening walks, and I saw that it was indeed orange in appearance, just like in the dream!

I discovered that during September, October and November of last year Mars was particularly bright in the sky. It is still visible today (March 2021), but apparently it will gradually become dimmer as 2021 progresses. (What to expect from Mars in 2021 by Deborah Byrd at earthsky.org).

Signs in the sky

The bible indicates that events in the sky can be symbolic of the times and seasons. The Hebrew festivals were linked to the new moon, and Jesus talked about signs in the sky in Matthew 28. Another well known example is the famous Star of Bethlehem in the sky around the time of Jesus’ birth.

So what was the significance of Mars appearing orange?

I shared in the November article how orange can represent perseverance in dreams. So I felt that the dream, and the presence of Mars in the sky, indicated that we were entering the endurance phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It certainly felt that way in the UK. At that time we had hoped that we were past the worst of the pandemic. But then a new virus strain emerged, and we entered into a second lockdown period in November: an endurance test indeed!

We are only just emerging from that second wave now. We will be starting to ease the restrictions from this weekend (March 2021) – and even then it will be very slow!

The Mars rover: “Perseverance”

With all of those factors in mind, imagine my excitement when I watched the recent Mars landing and saw that the Mars rover vehicle is called Perseverance!

The Mars rover vehicle is called Perseverance!

I hope you can catch the significance of that too!

The recent Mars landing – and the name of the vehicle – seems to be a remarkable confirmation of the post about the colour orange and my friend’s dream.

Here is a video in case you missed the coverage at the time:

A sign of hope?

So, as Mars gradually becomes more dull in the night sky, is this time of perseverance and endurance coming to an end?

I hope so! Personally, I feel optimistic that the successful landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars could be heavenly confirmation that the season is starting to change. God certainly drew my attention to it last year, and has caught my attention with it again now. With several Covid-19 vaccines now available, there certainly seems to be a bit more optimism in the air!

One thing is certain: God loves to back up dream messages with real life confirmations – and this is a great example! It also sends us a clear message that, whatever happens, He is still in control.


So next time you are out for a walk in the evening and see Mars in the sky, have a look and see whether it still appears orange. Imagine Perseverance – the little rover vehicle – roaming about up there. Take the opportunity to pray and ask God for His perspective.

And take courage: know that however long this season lasts – it won’t last forever! And in the meantime, we can endure with peace and confidence that God is still in control.

You can also check out my original article for a biblical perspective on perseverance and what it means in practice:

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