Dream perspective: On recording and interpreting dreams – when it’s a struggle!

What do you do when it’s a struggle to get motivated with your dreams?

This post is a bit different from my usual articles – as it’s in the form of an excerpt from my journal. It’s about my own recent struggles with recording and reviewing my dreams. It’s also a testimony of how God used some Facebook posts and an old dream to get me back on track.

I hope my story will encourage you to keep going with dreams as part of your own relationship with God.

A confession

I’ve been blogging about bible-inspired dream interpretation every week for a number of months now. So it may appear that I’ve got this together. I sound so confident!  I’ve been learning dream interpretation for around 15 years in all, so surely I’ve got all sorted by now!

But the truth is – I haven’t.

In fact, the last couple of months have been some of the hardest I’ve had for a while. Don’t get me wrong – I’m passionate about hearing God’s voice, and I totally love dreams.  It’s just that the journey is easier at some times than at others, and right now it’s hard.

Recording dreams – or not?

Recently I’ve been writing about recording dreams – and I absolutely agree with my advice. Yet – I just can’t seem to get up to write my dreams down at the moment! It’s a struggle.

I’ve also been writing about the importance of reviewing dreams regularly – and again, I am passionate about doing it. Yet, I’ve been carefully avoiding my dream journal.


Because I’ve been feeling confused, and a bit cross with God.

Everything was going fairly well until January, or so I thought. I was confident that I knew what I was meant to be doing. I thought I knew what my dreams were about.

Then I lost the plot.

I realised I had misunderstood something. In fact my dreams even indicated that I had done so. Then all my dream interpretations from the end of last year unravelled.

Avoidance tactics

You might think I would do the mature thing and take time out with God. You might think I would go back over my dream journals to find out where l went wrong.


Avoidance tactics kicked in. I didn’t want to pray. I didn’t want to have any more dreams to add to the confusion. And, funnily enough, I haven’t been remembering my dreams anyway. It’s funny how we can shut those things down through our attitude.

It all culminated in a big rant with God last week – and a time of pouring my heart out:

“I still feel as though I can’t hear Your voice, even after all this time. Has any of this journey even been worth it? I still have some of the same questions I had years ago. I long to really connect with You, yet You seem so elusive and it’s hard to understand what You mean….”  – and so on!

Everything felt the same as when I originally started this journey (you can read about that in my story). I felt like I was in the dark, with all the same frustrations of not being able to hear God clearly.

God breaks in

Then… God.

It started with an innocent looking Facebook post: Two pictures compared; a picture of a snowy scene, and then another of the same place in spring. What a difference!

We really did have snow last month in the UK, but now already signs of spring are in the air. So it seemed as though God was encouraging me to believe that things would change.

Ok. I got the message. But still… I still felt confused and cross.

Here is a link to the original post:

A reluctant return

Then… finally, inspired by these photos, I decided to start again with reviewing my dreams from a few months ago. I went back to the phase when the confusion kicked in: I went back to my dreams from the beginning of December.

Things started to open up. I started to see a pattern emerging in my dreams: hints that I had some unanswered questions that I would need to face; hints that there were issues I was trying to ignore; things that only arise when I feel frustrated and confused.

I started to see that God was allowing these questions to surface again, because He wanted me to confront them with Him.

Then I came across this dream from December:

Dream: Snow in two different seasons

I dreamed I was talking to my friend in South Africa, and both of us were comparing pictures of the snow. In the dream we had snow here in UK, just going into the winter season. My friend showed me that she also had snow in SA, but there they were going into spring.

We commented on how it looked the same, yet the seasons were completely different. One was at the start of winter, and one was at the end of winter.

Snow in December

A new season

As I read that dream the confusion seemed to fall away. I understood that God was allowing my age-old questions to resurface.

In that dream, snow represented difficult times, or a time of struggling to make progress (as often happens in the snow). So by comparing the two seasons, the dream was depicting the fact that I would feel as though I was back in the same state as when I started.

But I’m not.

The new revelation was this: that this feeling actually indicates that spiritual spring is in the air! When I started with dreams I was going into a long process, but now I’m coming out of that phase and entering into a new season!

That dream from December so accurately reflected what I was currently feeling, that once I understood the message, it gave me hope: hope that things are now going to change for the better. As I contemplated the dream, all my despair evaporated, and I felt faith begin to rise.

That’s a God thing.

One dream can change everything

How quickly one dream from heaven can change things around. Suddenly I knew without a doubt that I could face my dream journal again, and that times are changing.

I know that I still have questions to face; but I also know that it is time to face them now – and that I can face them – with God’s help.

After all this, I saw another picture by the same photographer on Facebook – on the same day that I realised what the above dream meant. He had posted two photos of snow, showing two opposite ends of the winter season: an exact representation of my dream:

How does God do it?

I don’t know. But He does.

He plants dreams ready to bear fruit at just the right time. He engineers circumstances and things that we see to explode into our life at just the right time for us to understand and be filled with faith.

So today, if you feel that I’ve got it all together with dreams but you haven’t, then be assured that I haven’t either.

But also know – that as this story testifies – God uses my dreams time and time again to lead me and bring me into a place of peace with Him (even though it gets a bit rocky along the way).

And He can do the same for you.

Picture of crocuses in the snow with text: see! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come. Song of Songs 2:11-12

Keep going!

So I encourage you to press on and learn this language of dreams. For it is the language of heaven – personally tailored to you. And your Heavenly Father will lovingly nurture you along your own personal journey.

  • Keep writing your dreams down
  • Keep reviewing your dreams with God
  • If you fall, get back up and try again
  • Keep learning and growing!

And don’t give up; for God will never, never, never, give up on you!

Be blessed.

And enjoy the new season!

If you’d like to know more about the biblical model of dream interpretation, please do get in touch! You can also check out my Facebook group where you can meet other Christians who are learning about dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Dream perspective: On recording and interpreting dreams – when it’s a struggle!

  1. Thanks for this post Jenny which I’ve only just read. It is very relevant to me now, even though it was written roughly a year ago! I appreciate the honesty around confusion, despondency which then led to clarity and hopeful joy. Praise God for His beautifully patient way with us!


  2. Great post Jenny. Thanks because it also confirms what I’ve been hearing: It’s a new season… though we can’t fully see it yet. Isn’t it great how many unpredictable ways God makes sure we receive His message, especially when we are sure we have missed it? Blessings to you!


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