Dream perspective: A year of dreams – the highs and lows!

One year ago I launched my blog and published my first article about dream interpretation. I encouraged my readers to persevere with dream interpretation, even when it seemed difficult; for the reward would be worth it – so I said!

So how have I fared this year? Did I manage to follow my own advice?

In this article I share the highs and lows of blogging about dreams. It is my testimony of how God guided me, how I lost the plot at times but somehow came through, and how my own dreams fitted into the picture.

Called to write about dreams

One year ago, when I started this blog, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I certainly didn’t know what I was doing, or what my blog was going to look like.

All I knew was that God had told me to write. I knew from my dreams that I needed to make a start by writing my story, and then go from there.

My first article was an encouragement to persevere with dreams, and never give up. So how have I fared this first year? Did I manage to take my own advice?

Well, my experience may not be the conventional blogging route – in terms of how most people go about it, but nevertheless it is my journey.

At the outset I had one deep desire: To walk out this venture with God at my side – with Him leading me every step of the way.

Inspired by Jacob’s sheep dream

My inspiration came from the biblical example of Jacob in Genesis 31:10-13.

Jacob had been living with his uncle Laban in Haran, where Laban had been taking advantage of Jacob’s help for many years.  God gave Jacob a strategy for breeding abundant healthy speckled herds, so he could return to Canaan with God’s blessing and provision. Jacob implemented this strategy and became very successful.

This business strategy came in a dream!

I love this story. Firstly, because it shows the type of relationship that it is possible to have with God; and secondly, because the strategy came in a dream – and everybody dreams! If Jacob can get a heavenly strategy in a dream, then so can we!

At the very outset of my venture, it was in my heart to walk a similar journey to Jacob. I longed to have God guide me closely through my dreams as I took this new step.

You can read more about Jacob’s strategy in this article, which I enjoyed: Jacob’s odd “Breeding program” of Genesis 30 by Troy Lacey at answersingenesis.org.

So how did I get on over the year?

So, here we are, one year on: Did my experience match up to my expectations?

Well, it wasn’t quite as straightforward as I thought! Here is a little re-cap of some major events during the year, and how I got on with writing and understanding my dreams:

July 2020 – God is speaking!

From the outset I was surprised and delighted to discover that God was speaking to me about blog post ideas!

At that time I was growing tomatoes in my garden. Tomatoes are, of course, a type of fruit. So God used that imagery to speak to me about what I should be writing. Each blog post was the ‘fruit of my labours’, and likened to a tomato.

  • Sometimes I dreamed of lots of new tomatoes developing, so I knew I had lots of ideas coming, and that I had favour to write about them.
  • One time I dreamed of a huge tomato sticking up over the fence so it was visible on the other side! This was my blog post on the colour black which I was writing at the time, which proved to be a popular one and quite a few people saw it.
  • Once I dreamt that my tomatoes were all green because I had picked so many ripe ones, and I was advised not to pick any for a while. That was at a time when I needed a break from writing, and I had asked God whether it was OK to do so.

September 2020 – A new idea

I had some slightly different dreams around this time. In particular, I dreamed that Donald Trump invited me into his boardroom and gave me a video (i.e. a vision) to carry. I also dreamed that I was taking Lego models and breaking them down into lots of smaller parts.

Then one day I suddenly had the revelation that God was calling me to go on Pinterest!

I have always avoided Pinterest for personal use, as I never understood it. But once I realised what God was saying and looked into it, I realised that it was ideal for me, and linked into my creative side. Pinterest is essentially a search engine, where you make images that link to your blog posts. I love writing but I also enjoy making visual mages too!

I took a course, and began breaking my blog posts down into smaller quotes and headings which I could share on Pinterest. Everything suddenly got very busy! It takes hours to do all this, but I’ve now got to a place where everything is fairly steady – and it’s now my favourite part of blogging.

Explaining the dream symbols: The boardroom was Pinterest, because Pins are saved to different boards – which is the main feature of that particular platform. Donald Trump (who was US president at that time) represented a trumpet – i.e. a voice or sound – getting a message out to the world. The Lego models represented articles which I then broke down into smaller parts (i.e. Pinterest Pins).

Here is an example of one of my Pinterest boards:

January 2021 – the dark valley

In January things got difficult. One of the unhelpful side effects of Pinterest was that I got fed hundreds of adverts telling me ‘how to be a successful blogger’. I ‘needed’ to have a new website; to start an e-mail list; to make ‘lead magnets’; and do all sorts of other things if I wanted to be successful.

I got sucked in. I wanted to improve my website, so I took several online courses – which, although very good, were a distraction. I wrote a article at that time called Keeping your peace amidst all the news. In that post I shared how God used a dream of a cat and a turtle to tell me to stop listening to the world – and to listen to Him instead.

Finally I surrendered all those ideas. I knew that God was telling me to leave all that alone and just write. It went against human wisdom, but then God’s wisdom often does!

February 2021 – nearly giving up

Unfortunately things got worse. I started to think I had made a huge mistake and should stop blogging altogether. Although I love writing, I told God I would lay it all down if that’s what He wanted.

I started to lose confidence, thinking that I’m not qualified to write about dreams; thinking about how I don’t even have a ‘ministry’ – it’s just me and God. I didn’t feel up to much.

It took a few dreams about the colour purple (representing authority), and a Zoom call with my good friend and dream mentor Tony Cooke (from Streams UK) to remind me that my authority comes from God. And if He has called me to write, then that’s all the authority that I need.

God kept sending me purple images to remind me that my authority comes from Him. This was one of them:

Picture of crocuses in the snow with text: see! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come. Song of Songs 2:11-12

March 2021 – desperate for direction

Now it’s confession time!

Since the autumn I had been so busy writing and blogging that my dreams were being neglected. I was leaving a lot of dreams un-interpreted, and I hadn’t had time to review any of my old dreams. I had pages and pages of dreams on my iPad that I hadn’t even looked at – going back to May 2020 (when I started blogging)!

I started to feel like I was wearing a mask; I was writing about how wonderful dreams are, but I had totally lost the plot. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even want to go back over those dreams any more. Yet, I was lacking direction as a result – actually I was desperate!

I wrote about it in my article: On recording and interpreting dreams when it’s a struggle.

Having laid down the internet’s blogging tips, I knew I had to hear from God myself. So I stopped writing for a while and started to go through my dream journal.

Eventually, one night God woke me up at 2am with the words ‘Tell me what you want, what you really, really want’ going round in my head (yes – the Spice Girls song!!). I got up, and thus ensued several hours of heart-to-heart time with God. He reminded me of how I always longed to walk with Him every day and receive guidance and strategies from Him in my dreams.

God reminded me of how I always longed to walk with Him every day, and receive regular guidance and strategies from Him in my dreams.

May 2021 – back to the start

So I am back at the start. Now that I have been reviewing my dreams with God, things have got into perspective. With hindsight I can understand a little better why I had to go through this process. I don’t have full clarity yet about the way ahead, but I’m definitely more confident that I’m where I need to be.

And, wonderfully, God has started speaking to me again about what to write (or, more accurately, I am listening and understanding better!).

Right now, I seen to be having a lot of dreams about having babies – and those babies are representing blog posts I need to write. So I am back in business!!

This song by Martin Smith summarises this past year for me. It’s one of my favourite songs:


In general it has been a fantastic year. It has been a bit like ‘sweet and salty’ popcorn! There have been great bits and challenging bits – all mixed together. But, despite the difficult times:

  • I managed to be consistent in writing;
  • I published one blog post every week for the whole year;
  • I made Pinterest Pins for all my blog posts;
  • God is still guiding me through my dreams;
  • And I’m still going!

So, although I nearly lost my own message – which is that God leads us through dreams – I have survived so far!

I had a dream where I was told, ‘Just do what you can, with what you have, and see what God does with it.’ So watch this space – and let us see what God does!

I hope my story inspires you to see that God wants to walk closely with each of us; to give us creative ideas and business strategies; to lead us in the everyday decisions that we make; to help us face our deepest fears; and to enable us to become the people we were created to be.

If you want to know more about dreams, and how God can guide you daily though them – then do get in touch.

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4 thoughts on “Dream perspective: A year of dreams – the highs and lows!

  1. Very interesting. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am very interested in reading more! I, too, was lead by God at the beginning of 2021 to create a blog and share all these journal entries and notes that I’ve written over the years…He has given me so much I had always wondered what He wanted me to do with it! If you’re interested, feel free to check it out and follow, it’s about Symbolism in the Bible as well as things He’s spoken to me that blew me away.
    Very true about the trumpet symbolizing a message, someone speaking. YES! It is a symbol of prophetic utterance, warning, etc…that is why the trumpet players walked before (or in front of) the Ark of the Covenant while Israel was led through the wilderness. The trumpet players represent prophetic utterance that came before the birth of Christ (Christ is symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant); it also connects to the trumpets that will sound before Christ’s second coming. Any how I love this stuff! I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂


    1. Thank you Lina. I took a look at your blog and I love the way you share from real life situations that God spoke to you through. I look forward to reading more of your entries! At some point I plan to write a post about how God speaks through real life events using the same symbolic language as in dreams. It’s good to connect with you. Jenny

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you have a post, perhaps, or some tips as to how we can better remember our dreams? I know I have them and I’ve journaled of a couple (one is on my blog, a very vivid dream I had years ago about walking along a river and snakes. I’ll have to share with you sometime) and there was another where I was going through a very stressful time in life and Jesus came to me in my dream to let me know He was going to help me. Other than that I don’t remember much unless I actually write it down. Most mornings I wake up and I don’t remember the details well enough to write anything down.


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