Dreaming of another life – where God is real

This post was birthed out of a hearts cry which I believe is echoed in people around the world.

It is a lament for something lost. Something beautiful and valuable that we threw away and have been trying to regain ever since: our connection to God.

It includes a poem – inspired by the song Another Life by Afrojack & David Guetta ft. Ester Dean.

Longing to know God

All my life I have wanted a real living relationship with God. I have been convinced that God loves all people and wants to connect with us. Maybe you have the same hope.

But, for me, it has been a struggle. Here is my usual train of thought:

If God is real, and loves us, it doesn’t make sense that it should seem so hard to find Him.

It doesn’t make sense that so many people can live life without an awareness of God – even denying His existence.

It doesn’t make sense that, having pursued God all my life, I still find it hard to hear Him clearly.

I’m sure I am not alone in these thoughts.

Since the fall of humanity we have been yearning to regain our identity and connect with our Creator God in heaven.

Dreaming of another life

The song Another Life by Afrojack & David Guetta ft. Ester Dean stirs up something in me.

It stirs up a lament for what is lost – and a wondering about whether it could be different in the future.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I’m waking up, thinking how we used to be

I still hang on to our tired dreams

I wish we could turn back the hands of time

Replace the poison that you left onto my mind

Maybe we’ll meet again in another life

Maybe we’re better in another paradise

Lyrics from Another Life by Afrojack & David Guetta ft. Ester Dean

God often speaks to me through songs, so if my heart is stirring I know enough to stop and listen. I gather from the lyrics that this song was writen about a human relationship that went sour. But for me, it hints at a bigger relationship gone wrong: our relationship with God and our heavenly origins.

So, put aside the original meaning of the song, and have a listen – through the lens of your desire to know God.

Feel the spirit of the concept rather than the details of the lyrics. Let something rise up from within you.

Watch the YouTube video:

If you prefer Spotify, here is the link (this is just a sample – you will need to go to Spotify to hear the whole song):

Could there be a way to meet God?

I regularly blog about dream interpretation.

The reason I am an advocate for listening to dreams, is because I have found they go some way towards meeting my desire to connect with God.

It doesn’t go all the way, because dreams are a bit one sided: I don’t have much control over them. Some people have more ability to interract with what happens in their dreams (called lucid dreaming), but I have never been able to do this.

But I do find that I can ask God questions and He will answer through a dream. I have also found that God will give me insight into my life and what he thinks about me – through dreams.

Over time I can have an ongoing conversation with God through them. And it is real.

And I have even met God in my dreams.

Dreams as a bridge to a greater reality

This post is more of a teaser to hopefully stir something in you. A longer article about this is coming soon.

To be clear: I don’t believe that dreams are our final destination.

It’s actually quite a challenge to learn the language of dreams and puzzle over them every morning. I have found that I am usually so far removed from God’s perspective that I have to wrestle with my dreams until I come round to God’s way of thinking.

So it’s not an easy option.

I still hold out hope that it will get easier to connect with God – while I am awake and conscious of what is happening!

But I do believe that dreams are God’s provision for the time being. A way that He can get through to us while our minds are asleep and our spirits are awake. A way for us to connect with heaven and remember who we are.

An example from TV

If you watched the TV series Once Upon a Time, you may remember several episodes where some of the characters supposedly went into the ‘afterlife’. Some of the characters were still living in the natural world, so there was a problem with communication between the two realms.

In the show, they had a single payphone which people in the natural world could use to talk to those in the afterlife. As you can imagine, there were long queues of people waiting to use that phone and talk to their loved ones. But using that phone wasn’t the same as having that person with them.

I’m not advocating contacting dead people – I’m just using the illustration to contrast the difference between what we have now and what a face-to-face relationship looks like. Our connection to heaven has been greatly diminished.

Dreams are like nightly phone calls from heaven. They keep us connected to the heavenly realm, but they are not the full experience of what a relationship with God looks like.

Conclusion: A poem

I close with a poem that comes from the heart.

And I also give you this thought: Maybe there is more to the title of this article than meets the eye?


  • Maybe – in our dreams – we can actually touch heaven.
  • Maybe as a human race we have been accessing that other life all along – as we sleep.
  • Maybe in dreams we really are connecting with a real God.
  • And maybe dreams are not the end game – but hints and tasters of what is to come.
  • Maybe there is more.

Enjoy the poem!

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