Biblical dream interpretation: Infographics

A collection of useful infographics and downloads to help with biblical dream interpretation, dream symbols, preparing to dream, etc.

Over the past few years I have designed various infographics for biblical dream interpretation.

You may have missed some of them as they are scattered throughout my posts, so I have collected them all in one place.

If you click on an image it will link to a pdf – for download if you wish – for personal use only (see Copyright Notice).

I approach dream interpretation from a biblical perspective. My belief is that our dreams can come from God, and understanding them is best understood within the context of an ongoing relationship with Him.

Preparing to dream

Why dreams?

Infographic of ten reasons to pay attention to your night dreams.

More on this theme…

Bedtime affirmations and prayers

Infographic of Bedtime affirmations to prepare your mind for receiving dreams from God
Infographic of bedtime affirmations for preparing your heart to receive dreams from God
Infographic of prayer pointers for receiving dreams from God

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Spiritual foundations for dreaming

Infographic - 5 spiritual foundations for dream interpretation

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Dreams in the bible

Infographic of dreams in the book of Daniel
Infographic of dreams in Matthew around the time of the birth of Jesus

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Recording dreams

Dream journal page

These are available from my shop (external link).

Picture of printable dream journal page

Reasons to record dreams

Infographic - 7 reasons to record your dreams - the example of Daniel

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Interpreting dreams

Dream interpretation method

Picture of the 3-step dream interpretation method

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Understanding dream symbols

Infographic - 10 clues for understanding dream symbols
Infographic: Prayers for understanding dream symbolsc of prayer

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Specific dream symbols

People in dreams

Infoographic of 7 things people could be in dreams
Infograhic of 7 questions to ask about people in dreams

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Animals in dreams

Infographic: 7 things animals could mean in dreams
Infographic: 5 questions to ask about animals in dreams

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Places in dreams

Infographic of the meaning of places in dreams

Beginner’s guide

This is available from my shop (external link).

Picture od Beginners Guide to Biblical Dream Interpretation digital checklist

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Further interest

Here are some external links to other sites with infographics about dreams:

Infographic: Every dream in the Bible (and what they mean) –

Infographic: Vehicles in dreams –

Infographic: Common locations and settings in dreams –


Here is a link to my Pinterest page with more infographics about sleep and dreams.


I will update this post as and when I make new infographics.

Please leave a comment below if you have found these helpful, or if you have any other ideas for related infographics. I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re ready to start understanding your dreams, check out this article: Beginner’s guide to biblical dream interpretation.

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Dream interpretations

The purpose of this blog is to provide biblical foundations for interpreting dreams and encourage others to make their own dream journey. I am primarily a writer and bible teacher – who loves dreams, and I hope you will be inspired to learn to interpret your own dreams.

It is not currently my aim to routinely engage in dream interpretations or provide training, except through writing blog posts. You can read my most up to date position on interpreting dreams here: Requests for dream interpretations.

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